September 23, 2018

Meltus - Shujaa (Official Music Video)

Meltus - Shujaa (Official Music Video) #1
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TitleMeltus - Shujaa (Official Music Video)
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A song composed by Meltus Method, mainly to inspire women and young girls to follow their dreams. Just like Michael Amo Gyau said, "A bottle finds its value in the content it carries, not in its shape and beauty. We find our value mostly in the life that carries us, not only in our external make-up. Never compromise your life for anything of lesser value".

Audio Production: Innocent Mujwahuki
Acoustic Guitar: Emmanuel Griper
Electric Guitar: Emmanuel Robert
Base Guitar: Micho_Mike_Jr
Back vocals: Lorah Ludovick and Derick Marton
Video director: Joowzey
#shujaa #bfr

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